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LASER 2018, 14th international summer school, on Blockchains and systems for distributed trust

Elba Island, Italy, 2-9 June 2018

Latest news: 

  • New speaker announced:

Dominic Wörner, Solution Architect IoT and Blockchain Technologies at Bosch.

From the cloud-based Internet of Things to the Economy of Things

The Internet has evolved through different phases. The current phase is dominated by cloud computing and the digitization of the physical world. The cloud computing paradigm has enabled many innovations but inherent issues are becoming apparent. Bitcoin and Distributed Ledger Technologies may be the beginning of a new phase of the Internet, characterized by shared infrastructure and rational cryptographic protocols. I’ll discuss how the current software stack could be extended with economic layers and present early applications and examples of the emerging Economy of Things.

  • Primavera De Filippi just published her new book “Blockchain & the Law“. There will copies available for consultation at the school. 

Most recent event

DEVOPS 18: International workshop on software engineering aspects of continuous development and new paradigms of software production and deployment, Villebrumier conference center,  France, 5-6 March 2018. Devops 19 will take place in early March 2019.


The nonprofit LASER foundation, established in Zurich, organizes meetings, seminars, schools and training sessions worldwide on the science and practice of information technology.

The flagship LASER summer school takes place every year in the island of Elba, Italy, for a full week in June. Since its first session in 2004, the school’s lecturers have included the top international experts in software engineering including many Turing Award winners.

The LASER conference center

The foundation provides a home for frequent workshops in the LASER conference center at Villebrumier near Toulouse, France. The setting is ideal for intensive working sessions

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