Important note

We realized that Villebrumier workshops really only make sense if they are onsite – the participant interaction experience is a key part. This scheme does not prevent remote participation for a few attendees, but the core event should not take place virtually. So we have postponed all current events until physical meetings become possible again.

FISEE 2021: Second international workshop on Frontiers In Software Engineering Education, 8 to 10 December 2021.

RISE 2022: Second international workshop on Requirements In Software Engineering, with keynote by Michael Jackson, 9 to 12 January 2022. 

LASER Summer School, 11 to 19 September 2022, Elba Island, Italy, Topic and dates TBC.

New call for papers for DEVOPS

Past events

FISEE 2019: First international workshop on frontiers in software engineering education November 11-13 2019, Villebrumier, near Toulouse, France.

LASER 2019 on AI + ML +  SE  June 1-9 2019

Devops 2019 May 6-8 2019

EAQSE Workshop on Empirical Answers to Questions on Software Engineering: November 19-21 2018



The LASER foundation, established in Zurich, organizes meetings, seminars, schools and training sessions worldwide on the science and practice of information technology.

The LASER summer school takes place every year in the island of Elba, Italy, for a full week in June. Since its first session in 2004, the school’s lecturers have included the top international experts in software engineering including many Turing Award winners.

The LASER conference center

The foundation provides a home for frequent workshops in the LASER conference center at Villebrumier near Toulouse, France. The setting is ideal for intensive working sessions

If you would like to organize  a meeting, you will find all the information and the request form here.

Previous LASER summer schools (since 2004)