The Villebrumier experience


The LASER center in Villebrumier is a conference venue dedicated to meetings in information technology and other advanced topics. It is suitable for groups of up to 30 participants (up to 40 by prior arrangement).


Everything at the LASER center is designed to foster a pleasant collaborative experience for your group. Many kinds of events can take place at Villebrumier, from executive retreats and research group meetings to working group sessions and scientific workshops.

The quiet environment and beautiful historical surroundings are a constant invitation to conduct fruitful discussions both in the formal part of the meeting and outside of it.

For scientific workshops, while the organizers of every event choose the formula best suited to their goals, the LASER center has proved particularly conducive to meetings where papers are selected on the basis of extended abstracts, with post-event proceedings taking into account discussions and new collaborations born on site.

[The following sentence subject to confirmation by LNCS] For computer-science-related events, we have a close relationship with Springer LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) and are happy to put organizers in touch with LNCS editors for proceedings publication.


The technical part of the meeting takes place in the fully-equipped conference room, which can be arranged classroom-style or U-shaped.


Water, tea and a coffee machine are available at any time. Whenever weather permits (the area is often sunny), breaks take place on the patio outside. Lunches and some dinners take place  around the long table in the Empire-style Dining Room with its stained glass.


If your group has a welcome reception, it will be held in the Grand Salon:


All food at the LASER center is prepared onsite, exclusively from bioproducts, some — depending on the season — from the center’s own vegetable garden, fruit trees and chickens’ eggs. We cater to non-vegetarians (Villebrumier is right in duck country) and vegetarians alike. Wines come both from the neighboring Fronton appellation area and from Burgundy.

The Center is located in a 5-hectare (10-acre) park, adjoining the Tarn river, with a formal rose garden as well as wild areas, which participants are free to roam, spotting the occasional deer or rare bird, as well as numerous tree specimens from all over the world.


Lodging and registration

For small workshops (up to 10 people), participants can be hosted on premises. For larger groups, participants stay in a modern hotel in Montauban, less than 15 km (10 miles) away, with a dedicated shuttle service.

All arrangements are made through the LASER center; the registration packages include all events and meals, shuttle service if applicable, and lodging.

Organizing your own event

If your group could benefit from a meeting at the LASER center, feel free to contact us at XXX. We will be happy to discuss the schedule and the arrangements. Requests should normally be made at least four months in advance, although you are always welcome to contact us for last-minute availability.