Erik Meijer

Erik is an accomplished language, API, and type system designer, and has worked on the design of Haskell, Mondrian, C#, Visual Basic, Dart, and Hack, as well as advised on the design of Java, Scala, Javascript, and Kotlin.

At Microsoft, after working on languages and runtimes, he focussed on Cloud Programmability. He is the original inventor of Rx, which has spawned many derived implementations in nearly every language in use, and was the technology he tried to market with Applied Duality.

At Facebook he revamped the server-side programming stack to be on par with industry leading frameworks like Java and .NET and created infrastructure that allows product developers to make their applications reactive by subscribing to changes in the social graph. Most recently, he is working on democratizing ML, by enabling developers to use and compose machine learned models, and applying ML to automate the developer experience, and infrastructure.