DEVOPS 18 preliminary program

The list of accepted papers appears below. The schedule will be added by Feb. 18. The workshop will take place Monday and Tuesday, 5-6 March 2018, 9 to 18.

Keynote: Monday, 9:30-10:30 by Elisabetta Di Nitto (Politecnico di Milano)

Panels: there will be a panel at the end of each day, one on deploying DevOps in industry and one on teaching DevOps.

Accepted papers

Jacopo Mauro, Silvia Lizeth Tapia Tarifa and Ingrid Chieh Yu. Automatic optimization of scaling strategies

Alfredo Capozucca, Nicolas Guelfi and Benoit Ries. Design of a (yet another?) DevOps course

Jokin García and Jordi Cabot. Stepwise Adoption of Continuous Delivery in Model-Driven Engineering

Christopher Jones. A Framework for Designing a DevOps Curriculum

Damian Andrew Tamburri, Dario Di Nucci, Lucio Di Giacomo and Fabio Palomba. Omniscient DevOps Analytics

Benjamin Benni, Philippe Collet, Guilhem Molines, Sebastien Mosser and Anne Marie Pinna-Dery. Teaching DevOps at the Graduate Level, a report from Polytech Nice Sophia

Mireille Blay-Fornarino, Gunther Jungbluth and Sebastien Mosser. Applying DevOps to Machine Learning

Miguel Jiménez, Norha M. Villegas, Gabriel Tamura and Hausi Müller. Round-trip Software Engineering in DevOps: Making the Infrastructure a Code Committer

Floris Erich. DevOps is Simply Interaction Between Development and Operations

Manuel Mazzara, Alexandr Naumchev, Larisa Safina, Alberto Sillitti and Konstantin Urysov. Teaching DevOps in Corporate Environments. An experience report

Nicolas Ferry, Arnor Solberg, Hui Song, Stéphane Lavirotte, Jean-Yves Tigli, Thierry Winter, Victor Muntés-Mulero, Andreas Metzger, Erkuden Rios Velasco and Amaia Castelruiz Aguirre. ENACT: Development, Operation, and Quality Assurance of Trustworthy Smart IoT Systems

Jonas Fritzsch, Stefan Wagner, Justus Bogner and Alfred Zimmermann. Application Modernization: Refactoring to Microservices

Kiyana Bahadori and Tullio Vardanega. DevOps Meets Dynamic Orchestration

Ilya Khomyakov, Manuel Mazzara, Ruzilya Mirgalimova and Alberto Sillitti. An Investigation of Technical Debt in DevOps

Christopher Jones. Using Code Generation to Enforce Uniformity in Software Delivery Pipelines

Suzanne Embury and Christopher Page. Effect of Continuous Integration on Release Quality in Undergraduate Team Projects

Jürgen Cito, Johannes Wettinger, Lucy Ellen Lwakatare, Markus Borg and Fei Li. Feedback from Operations to Software Development – A DevOps Perspective on Runtime Metrics and Logs

Vladimir Ivanov, Dmitry Krasnikhin, Stanislav Litvinov, Sergey Masyagin and Giancarlo Succi. A lean and devops approach to teach lean software development